The church has many resources and opportunities...

Scroll down to see what is available to you.  

Feel free to CONTACT US if you have any additional questions  or ideas on what we might be able to do to love others in our community!

Want to take a 30 Day Challenge?  

Try reading through the New Testament in 30 Days.  CLICK HERE to download a PDF Doc of a 30 Day NT. Reading Plan

If you are more ambitious, try reading through the entire Bible in 30 Days.  CLICK HERE to download a PDF Doc of a 30 Day Entire Bible Reading Plan

Interested in the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting?

Our Daniel Fast Booklet can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. This is a good option to a 21 Day Fast.  

Outreach helps

You are welcome at Roswell First Church of the Nazarene.  We have created and designed some cards that you can carry with you in your purse, wallet, or wherever.  These cards make it extremely easy to give to your friends.  Available to you are our:

  • "RightNow Media" invite cards - give away "RightNow Media" to your friends.  It's a great resource that Roswell First purchased in order to GIVE AWAY!

  • Blank "" business cards.  These have the church's information on the back as well as a place to write your name and/or contact number/email address.  

Find ways to connect with your friends and nurture relationships with others.  You can request these cards by going to our "CONTACT US" link HERE and sending us an email request through this website.  

Together, we can make a difference!  Together we can see people come to know about this "life-changing" message of Jesus.  

Check out RightNow Media!

RightNow Media is a free gift from us to you.  Over 20,000 different media stream Bible Studies and Resource Tools for you to use.  CLICK THIS LINK to sign up and receive this free resource!

Looking for a place to get away?  Check out our Church's Pastors Cabin...

Roswell First COTN has a cabin which is made available to those who are "active" church members.  It is located on the grounds of Bonita Park Nazarene Campgrounds in the mountains of Ruidoso.  

CLICK HERE to take a look at the Church Cabin Policy/Reservation Form.